ADRs the same at DLR?

Aside from the fact that ADRs can only be made 60 days in advance at DLR, do they work the same as they do at WDW? Specifically, I am hoping to find out if I can make ADRs for my entire stay 60 days before my check-in date.

I think they are 1 day at a time. There is no rush to make them for DLR, you can get really good ones the day before! Not that I wouldn’t make them, but there are very few that do it seems.

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Nope, you would have to book each restaurant 60 days before that day. There is no “plus 10” as in Florida.

That being said, it’s much much more relaxed at Disneyland. I’m going next week and I can easily book, say, a World of Color package at any time of my choosing right now. If you know you want to eat somewhere, by all means book it, especially if you want to eat at Blue Bayou. But for the vast majority of restaurants, there’s no need to book at 60 days.

So ultimately they work the same, it’s just more relaxed.

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Good to know. Thanks for the tip on the Blue Bayou too. We did want to try that.

Is it advised to make ADRs for DL or is it possible to get walk-ups to most sit-downs for dinner?? We’re planning on going 28 November - 4 December Thanks :slight_smile:

You can generally get walk ins. I had to wait 20 minutes for a walk in at Cafe Orleans last week, but I bet I could have made a reservation that morning and gotten it. The only time you need to make reservations early is for holidays–especially Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentines. @Pooh2412 you might want to make reservations for Sat and Sun of your stay because that’s a holiday weekend, but you shouldn’t have any problem with the rest of your days doing walk up, but making a reservation as you get to the park that morning will save you some time. I suggest that if you haven’t made a reservation already.