ADRs on 180 Days Out Question

So, my last trip to the bubble was a quickly put together thing about a month and a half before heading there. Therefore, I don’t have the experience of the 180 day out reservation making.

I know that one should start early morning in order of hardest to get ADRs. However, I don’t know which ones of the places we picked are hard to get. What are your opinions of the order I should try reserving?

Akershus Dinner
Chefs de France Lunch
Coral Reef Lunch
Le Cellier Steakhouse Dinner
Crystal Palace Lunch
Artist Pointe Lunch or Dinner
50s Prime Time Lunch or Dinner
Tiffins Dinner
Yak & Yeti Lunch
Jiko Dinner
Raglan Road Lunch or Dinner

Will the Candlelight Pocessional still be taking place during your trip?

Edited to add: Raglan entertainment begins around 5? On the weekends there is a brunch and entertainment begins around noon. I would definitely go when there is entertainment.

My experience is that I’ve gotten ADRs for many of the restaurants on your list, well after 180 days. For example, I recently got one for Artists Point — exactly when I wanted it — about 60 days out.

The one that stands out that always seemed to be booked when I wanted it was Crystal Palace.

They haven’t posted the dates for the Candlelight Processional nor, of course, the speakers. We’ve seen the Candlelight Processional before and have made the determination that we will do a dining package for it if (and only if) it’s on a night we are planning to be there AND the narrator is someone we’d want to see. Otherwise, I’m okay missing it.

I agree on the Crystal Palace. Last year I couldn’t get a lunch or dinner there at all, but was able to score a breakfast after using the reservation finder.

Thinking about this, I should probably start with that one first because it is the restaurant that DD wants to be at on her birthday for lunch or dinner. Thanks for reminding me about that.

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The issue is that in the past EP ADRs have been an issue until the packages can be booked. You have four of those on your list. Jiko is usually easy to book. Since Raglan is available through Open Table ( not at 280 days) I do not know if it will be completely loaded.

Do you mean that until the packages are up for Epcot that the regular reservations aren’t available, or are there very few of them? Typically, which restaurants have packages for the Candlelight Processional?

I just looked, and Raglan Road entertainment starts at 4:30 daily. It could, of course, change between now and then…

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For Raglan you said lunch or dinner, I just wanted you to be aware of that schedule . Last year I believe they did not release most if not all ADRs until the psckages? I believe all of yours would be included.

Thanks. Yes, we will want dinner for Raglan Road for sure…

Thanks for the info. That helps a lot.

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This was definitely my experience for fall 2017. Very limited EP availability until CP packages were released.

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Are dining packages made available at different times than 180? And is that just for CP or across shows and parks?

It can also be Magic Kingdom during party season.