ADR's next week! Booking CRT question

My ADR date is this Thursday and I’m going for a CRT reservation for lunch on my daughters birthday. I know it states that payment in full is required at the time of booking as reservation but how does that work with a DDP? I have a package with the deluxe plan added that is not yet paid in full. Do I still have to pay $ to book and refunded later or is it applied to my DDP in my package?

I booked SoA which is a pay in full also, I have a dinning plan and did not need to pay ahead of time.

We have been to CRT 3 times now while on the dining plan. You don’t have to pay out any money.
You have a MDE account? Then just book the CRT the minute that your 180 day+ window opens up.

If you’re NOT on the dining plan, you have to pay in full. Otherwise it assumes you’ll use dining credits (you don’t have to!) and does not require your o pay in advance.

Thank You!