Ok, I need your expertise. AT 180 days, can two people be logged into MDE on 2 different devices and make separate dinner reservations?

Yes, are you just booking 180 or 180 plus?

Yes, my husband and I did this from different time zones even because he was out of town for work. We had a facebook chat open to discuss if there were any choices that needed to be made, both of us were logged into our MDE accounts on our computers. About 10 minutes before the window opened, we reviewed our list in the order we’d prioritized the night before and one of us took odds, the other evens and once the window opened we just went down the list. We got everything we wanted and were able to get it done quickly.

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I’m not sure I understand the difference between 180 and 180 plus. Would you please explain?
I’m just planning on logging on at day 180 and making reservations for all the days we plan to be there.

Thank you for all your help. This sounds like a great idea and an efficient way to get it done.

If you are staying off site you can book your ADRs one day at a time at 180 days before the date. If you are staying onsite you can book for every day of your stay starting 180 days before your stay: so 181 day s before your 2nd day…

You can also just do it on a single device - open a separate browser window for each reservation that you want to make and have them set up and ready to go. Kick off all the searches when ADRs open, and toggle through all the windows to select and book what you want.


Great idea!!! Thanks for sharing.