ADRs Made! Follow up question

We were up bright and early at 4:50am central time so we could book our ADRs at 5 this morning! Got everything we wanted except Beaches and Cream at 180+3. Only thing available that day at all was 9pm. Not a big deal really. I know we could use reservation finder and maybe snag one, but it’s honestly not that important to us.

However, I did kind of have my heart set on leaving HS in the middle of that day to wander over to the Beach Club/Boardwalk area. We’ve never seen any of that area. Is it worth a walk/boat ride over there anyway just to see the area, grab ice cream from Ample Hills, and kill a little time in the middle of the day? We would eat at SciFi at 11:50 and then consider going after that. We’d then come back to HS and stay for JBJB.

Thoughts? Worth the stroll over or just stay in the park?

Beach Club is a beautiful resort. We enjoyed getting to see it and walking around before our B&C reservation.

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I would totally go. It’s a nice little area, and, the ice cream at Ample Hills is excellent.

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That’s what I’ve heard! Oddly enough I was in Brooklyn (their home-base) last summer and wanted to stop by but we ran out of time. Can’t wait to try it!

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If you have a choice, going later in the day, after dinner or so, would be better than mid-afternoon. We’ve stayed at the Boardwalk a bunch of times and the vibe at night is so great. At night the vendor carts open and there is live entertainment by way of jugglers and magicians and the like. Mid-afternoon you can rent surry bikes or boats, which is cool too, but it’s much much quieter.