ADRs made! Boma, Akershus, Ohana, 50's Prime, BOG, MBYBBQ

Hi all, I just wanted to report for those looking for success stories! I know I was nervously looking for positive reports! This morning 5/15/16 at 6am my DH and I made dinner reservations for 11/11-11/17 around 5pm party of 8 or 10. The only “problem” was we couldn’t get BOG on our first choice evening of 11/14 (180+3) but we were able to grab two reservations (6 and 4) on 11/16 (180+5) and had no problem getting Ohana instead on 11/14. (And also have a reservation search for 10 here on touring plans!)

Fri 11/11/16 Boma party of 8 at 6:20pm (arrival day, intended to eat approx 6:30pm)
Sun 11/13/16 Akershus party of 10 at 5:10pm (intended 5pm)
Mon 11/14/16 Ohana party of 10 at 5:25pm (intended 5pm)
Tue 11/15/16 50s Prime Time Cafe party of 10 at 5:20pm (intended 5pm)
Wed 11/16/16 BOG party of 6 4:05pm party of 4 4:45pm (intended 5pm)
Thur 11/17/16 MBYBBQ party of 8 at 5:30pm (only avail 5:30pm)

Pixie Dust and Happy Planning to all!


Also, DH accidentally made a ressie for 10 at Akershus TONIGHT!1 We cancelled it, but my point is there’s always hope - even for big groups!

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I’m glad you were successful!

Congratulations! And happy eating🍴

Congratulations on your success!

You have some yummy selections there! Enjoy!

MBYBBQ is one of our all time family favorites. Our kids are a little bit old for it now (I think it is best geared to families with small kids or large groups) but it was awesome while it lasted and we have some special memories from our dinners there!

Thanks, that makes me even more excited for it! We will have both sets of grandparents with us, and our four kids will be 1, 2 (almost 3), 7, and 9 when we go!

Thank you for this! I will be making reservations for our party of 8 on Monday and I’m getting a little nervous. I’m glad to know that you had such success!