ADRs in MK on MVMCP nights

Can someone refresh my memory on the rule for dinner reservations in MK on MVMCP nights when you are not attending the party?
If MK closes at 6:00, can I not have a 6:20 reservation for example? Or does the reservation time have to be before 6:00 pm and they do the escort out once you’re done? I currently have a 5:45 Crystal Palace…

As long as you booked it through the normal dining page you’re good!

There is a separate route to book for dining during the party, thus ensuring everyone booking is aware you need tickets to be allowed to the restaurant.

You are correct - you can’t get a reservation after 6 unless you have a ticket - I wouldn’t be surprised if 5:45 was actually the last reservation.
Also - they will escort you out of the park when you are done.

Ok that’s what I assumed. But if I have a 5:20 then my reservation will be fine, I’ll just get the escort after?
I don’t even know if it will work out that way now, I’ve been rearranging some things, just wanted to make sure.

If you have a reservation you will be fine, they will just very nicely walk you out when you are done and let you know you can buy a ticket if you want to stay LOL

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