ADRs - I'm all over the place!

Last year both this site and group were invaluable in planning our trip. I’m an uber planner and love every aspect of it.
We usually wait several years between our WDW vacations, but DD was accepted into the DCP for Fall 2017!!! Her check in date is 8/7. Although she is 22 & has her own car, I just didn’t feel comfortable with her driving all by herself from NJ to FL. So our family of 5 will be traveling down there in 2 different vehicles.
I booked our rooms at POR from 8/2 thru 8/11 but will probably check out earlier. Honestly, my head is still spinning! For me this is a “last minute” trip.

Also, last time we were complete park commandos. With the Aug. heat & my mom not quite 80 years old I cannot be in the park all day. The biggest complaint from my family after the trip last year was being up so early 4 days in a row, so that said, we won’t be hitting the parks until at least after 1pm each day. (I know, frustrating!)

I have a bunch of questions, but right now I’m trying to figure out ADRs (I can already book them!!)

MK - My mom LOVED the FOF parade last year and we would like to see it again. In her scooter she was able to secure a handicapped spot right across from Hall of Pres. If we wanted to do that again - how early should we plan to get there? I don’t recall from last year. Trying to decide if we should do that or just get to the park & have Tony’s for lunch & stretch it out & catch it from there?

AK - we also loved Yak & Yeti for dinner last year. It was a favorite but I had booked it for the end of our day which then was 5 or 6. What would be a good time to book dinner here AND catch ROL. I’m assuming FP+ are really hard to get for this one!

I booked Vila Napoli for late lunch at Epcot which is a total departure for us. We usually start out at Rose & Crown & snack our way around the world! Also considering Illuminations Dessert Party - have to look into that more.

Our last day with DD will be spent poolside all day, then I’m planning a dinner (have both 1900 PF & Ohana booked, trying to decide which one) then plan to hit Trader Sam’s and then watch the fireworks from the beach at the Poly one last time together.

Sorry this is so long, like I said, my head is spinning!!!

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Have you considered for a couple of the days doing the morning in a park, taking a mid-afternoon break so you aren’t in the parks for the hottest part of the day every day, and then returning to the park for the evening?

FOF in Frontierland I am told doesn’t require more than 15-20 min. I have not done it yet, but do plan to use this time frame during my trip next month.

You’ll need to fact check this - but I think Tony’s moved to a special dining package for the FOF. I don’t think you’ll be able to use lunch at Tony’s as your means of watching the parade unless you can get the package.

I would much prefer Ohana over 1900 PF unless I needed to see Cinderella and Prince Charming.

That probably is the better way to go. I have no problem getting going in the morning, but honestly rope drop was hard on my mom. Luckily I have plenty of time before FP can be made so I can make a few different type touring plans and see what the group thinks is best.
Another thing is that there are so many areas to go & cool off & my worst case scenario is bringing her to a first aid station to cool her down enough to make it back to hotel.
I’m actually looking into purchasing a portable type of scooter here at home so if we need to make a quick escape we can do so with an Uber.

We watched from FL last time and it was awesome. We even met with these 2 women & their daughter who go to the parade several times a week & meet up with the custodial staff. Almost all the performers knew them and our pictures are amazing! I was hoping to do that again, but we went in May last year and the crowds were so much different. I have no problem sitting out there holding a spot, but I’m not sure my mom could.
I did look into Tony’s & actually booked, then cancelled their package deal because I realized their reserved seating is by the flag pole, and there’s no way I could have her in that direct sun like that.
This may be one of those things we have to wing. I’m sure once they line the parade route if I can’t find a spot to stick her one of the workers will help me. It’s not like we have any little ones, if we have to split up our group we can do it easily.

We don’t have any character meals planned, and both kids LOVED PF last time around. We’ve done Ohana before and DD doesn’t love it like DH & I. It’s her choice for what she wants to do. I canceled Ohana, I booked PF and if she decides on somewhere else I will do my best to get it.

My preferred viewing spot for FoF is right by the Firehouse. You’ll have an amazing uncrowded view

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For what it is worth, Ohana was able to get our picky eater a hotdog and chicken tenders in place of the standard family style food that is offered. I know for some people, its the food offered that factors highly into the decision.

Thanks, but DD is 22! She eats plenty of foods, but as far as Ohana goes, she only liked the meat on the skewers & hated all of the desserts. She’s a simple girl, LOL!

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