ADRs - How do they look

We are currently scheduled to be at WDW June 9 - 16. I’m getting less and less hopeful that will happen but we have until May 10 to make any real decisions so we will see.

So, here are the current ADRs we have scheduled. Please let me know what you think. We are a group of 4, me 53, DH50, Goddaughter(DGD) 22 and her fiance(DF) 28. My husband and I were last at WDW on our honeymoon in July/Aug 1996 and my DGD and DF have never been. DGD loves Mickey Mouse.

June 9, 12:40 pm Chef Mickey’s

June 10, 8:40 am BOG

June 10, 7:20 pm The Plaza Restaurant

June 11, 1 pm Oga’s

June 11, 5:05 pm 50’s Prime Time Café

June 12, 6:45 pm Raglan Road

June 13, lunch potential Space 220

June 13, 7 pm Chefs de France

June 14, 11:45 am Tusker House

June 16, 9 am The Wave


Are you staying at The Contemporary? I’m asking because of Chef Mickey’s and The Wave. Those are awkward times if it is out of your way.

Yes we are staying at the Contemporary. Sorry I should have included that.

No worries! I kinda guessed that was the case, but I hate to assume.

I think it’s great that you aren’t trying to do too much. I see plans where ppl what to do at least 2 TS each day + a QS. IME - one TS per day is usually plenty. WDW gives you as much food as you can handle at each meal.

Good to hear. I figured the rest of the time we will snack most of the time. I do have a few QS in my TP but since they don’t have to be decided until the day, they are mostly suggestions based on where I think we will be.

Also, other the PPO BOG which we will go to at 7:45, and our HS morning to try to get RotR BGs we don’t plan on needing to be at RD.

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Stupid coronavirus. I just want to be at the Happiest Place on Earth. My DH and I have have a pretty icky year and a half and need a vacation. DGD is graduating from college. It would be so perfect. Keeping all fingers and toes crossed. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

We all loved Tusker House and The Wave. At The Wave, since there is no omelet station with the buffet, you can ask your server to have one made for you as part of the buffet price. Double check that still works, but we did it in October. If you go to Tusker House around 10:30, you can try breakfast and lunch items for the breakfast price.
The Plaza used to be a favorite of ours. Very disappointing dinner the last time we ate there and I do mean last time.

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I’m with you! Our family is so looking forward to our April trip! I bet your June trip has a better chance!

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Is there someplace nearby Plaza that you would recommend TS or QS?

Keeping fingers crossed for both of us! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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My suggestions would be Skipper Canteen or Liberty Tree Tavern, although I prefer LTT at lunch. Not exactly near The Plaza, but just over the bridge into Adventureland for Jungle Navigation Company Skipper Canteen. We all enjoyed it, it was our first time.
A friend of mine was shocked when I was not happy after The Plaza, it had always been a favorite of both of ours. Then she came back after her trip and said none of her family was happy with their meals.

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Thanks I will check them out. Had looked at LTT at one point but not the other.

Looked at my TP for that day and we are actually headed to Tomorrowland after dinner. How are the Lunching Pad or Cosmic Ray’s? They are nearer to where we want to be. Thanks :blush:.

LTT for dinner is a little heavier of a meal than I want if I am still going to do a lot of attractions, but I think that you were doing it at the end of the evening. That could be great timing. Food and service are good. One thing that I just thought of thinking of your previous posts. You have to go up a kind of steep set of stairs to get to the bathrooms.

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You were sending this while I was typing my response. Those are not places that I have been except to get a free cup of water. Not on my list of places to go.

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Lol. Fair enough. Thanks for the warning on the Plaza though. That is disappointing but was not a must go to. More just convenient back into the park. Your help is appreciated.

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I think we will replace The Plaza on advice from @illini74 to a QS of either Casey’s or Cosmic Rays. Both of which people have talked about favorably recently here. CR has mobile ordering which is nice but we can play it by ear and see what we feel like that evening. Thanks everyone.