ADRS for large party

So, first trip where I need to make dining reservations for 9 people. I’ve used reservation finder b4, but it doesn’t seem to help with this, unless I set up for 5 or 4.

Worked for the lesser # for Akershus but then I had to call the disney res line, to add for the rest of the party, since disney online won’t let me make 2 table res for same night.

The res line lady told me I should call the restaurants directly. I guess the res line can give me the numbers of those places, if I call back? In the past I recall those numbers aren’t published anywhere?

Thanks any help, Liners.

Why can’t the dining line make the reservation? Call back…

Call back and ask to speak to a Group Dining coordinator.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker and @lecras- now why didn’t the res person advise that? That sounds pretty simple.

In fact , I suppose I could have reservation finder look for 5 or 4, then call the res line right away, and keep setting up that way?

Just realized, it’s Tiffins I have set up so far, not thrilled w the split times though.

So I still have to fine tune Tiffins- set up Akershush- BlueZoo- add to SciFi.

Love my fam to pieces, but why oh why won’t they pay attention when I tell them I need to set this up 6 mos and more ahead? They just decided this month that we should go early October. I guess non Disney geeks don’t think ahead as we do haha!

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