ADRs for large parties... ugh!

We’ll have 9 people in January, and it’s never been the easiest to get reservations for a bigger group, but I started looking 60 days out and haven’t found anything for a party of more than 8 anywhere except resort hotels and Disney Springs. I had to break every single meal into multiple smaller reservations, often with the exact same time. I know that some of it is just the way the restaurants are set up, but in the past with a group of 12-14 at some of the same places (H&V, for instance) we never had a problem because they would just give us several of the tables that are all in a row.


I hear you!

In the before times I would have called to let a CM figure out the logistics for each restaurant.

In 2019 I merely did odd numbered reservations of 3 or 5 at close to same times as I didn’t expect everyone in our group - of 19 on some days - to either adhere to the time or the place. Turns out they didn’t. At several restaurants we’d cancel one or more tables. Rearranging remaining folks. Often being seated all together despite separate reservations.

I did use 4 credit cards - mine, DH’s, sister’s and ex daughter-in-law’s. You’ve got a much more manageable number.

It’s a mess for certain. Used to be so much easier with less technology.

I’d offer to help if you’re still needing restaurants. I have a couple evenings a week where I’m just sitting around waiting.