ADR's for 7

I keep reading that the larger the party, the harder ADR’s are to find.

I’m going to waking up and 3am PDT on 180 and trying to get H&V Fantasmic for 180+1, ohana for 180+3, Tusker RoL@ 180+4, and BoG Breakfast and CP dinner for 180+6.

Should I plan on splitting up the party? Or will we be able to find tables for 7?

Ohana, BOG, and TH souldn’t be a problem, based on their size and table arrangement, I’ve never been in H&V.

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My upcoming trip is for a group of 7. I was able to get a single ADR time for 'Ohana dinner, BOG breakfast, TH dinner, 1900 Park Fare, CG dinner, Sci-Fi dinner, Trattoria breakfast. I had to split up into two ADRs for CRT and BOG dinner. And that was at the 180 day mark at 6 am. I tried first for the whole group and then split it if I couldn’t find a time. I then created a TP ADR finder request for the whole group for CRT and BOG.

My party is a group of 7 and had no problem booking any of those besides CG (didn’t try to). We even scored BOG twice and CRT.

Not sure if this helpful but I’m at 150 and just switched my H&V breakfast ADR to the H&V w/ F! Package. Its hit or miss. Couldn’t get F! Package for 9 at 180 but could at 150. Wasn’t sure of which times we wanted at 180 so I booked 9 of us at 8am. Also tried to book 9 for 10am and I had to split it up to 2 ressies ( party of 4 and 5). Ended up switching both times to the F! Package and same scenario. Could get 9 on one ressies but had to split the other to a 4 & 5.

I went with a group of 13 and we did CRT dinner, BOG dinner, Biergarten Lunch, CG Sunday Brunch, Rainforest Cafe @ AK Dinner, GG Harvest Feast Dinner, Disney Jr. Play and Dine Breakfast. ADRs were booked early am on the day thre 180 day window opened (though not the minute it opened). The only two we got for all 13 together were Harvest Feast at Garden Grille and Biergarten. For all other reservations we had to break it into groups of 4-4-5. I couldn’t even find much available for parties of 6-7 ppl. However, most all restaurants were great about seating us together when we checked in.