To reserve ADRS during a party, do we have to call? Nothing shows as available during party hours on MDE

I was able to get BoG during the mnsshp, but it is booked through the party dining on MDE , not the individual restaurant.

FWIW, I would recommend doing a TS meal for lunch before you have access to MK rather than during the party.

There is SO much event stuff to do and those tickets are so $$$ that I don’t think it is an efficient use of time to sit at a TS while burning up party time.


I had to call for a Crystal Palace reservation during MNSSHP. I think it was at 6PM, maybe 6:30P? But… then I cancelled it as I know my kids will want to be in the park and will not be happy sitting for dinner. We are just going eat wherever the evening takes us.

Oddly enough, last October I did a walk-in at Liberty Tree and was seated within 15 min.