ADRs done!

Thanks everyone who gave me great tips and feedback on my ADR planning, so glad they’re DONE this morning. And so tired, lol. ADR time is 5am for me but of course I was up WAY too late strategizing and second guessing everything!! And in 120 days it’ll be time to do it again for FPP if they changed the time to 6am EST instead of midnight before (which I’ve heard - can anyone confirm?)! :tired_face:

Here’s what I got:
Tusker House lunch
Hollywood & Vine breakfast
Whispering Canyon dinner
Be Our Guest breakfast (Thought I scored a pre-RD time at 8:25…park opens at 8 that day, lol… #ohwell) - still excited though - and kids really wanted BOG
Crystal Palace lunch
Whispering Canyon breakfast for checkout day (breakfast here is a 1st for us, we love WCC and staying at WL)

Couldn’t get O’hana for dinner any of the nights, I was a little surprised but it’s ok, we’ve done it twice before, if it opens up great, I refuse to stress about it.

Now just to comb over and second, third and fourth guess it all for 179 days!:wink:

At this point I’m just waiting for CLP dining package info to be released, thinking Biergarten but open to suggestions!

EDIT - Now I’m being told I should book Wave at CR. Never tried it but I’ve heard one of two extremes, awful or amazing. Thoughts? Not that I know what I’d rearrange/where I’d work it in anyway.


I thought the wave for breakfast was very good, but I don’t think its something I’d rearrange my whole schedule to get to. If you’re happy with what you have booked just keep it.


Looks like you did well!! I hope you and your family have a great time…I’m sure you will!!!
I love how you are so upbeat in your posts!!! Too bad I ended up picking Dec 10-18-we could have met up at the Polynesian for dole whip😁
I’m set for ADR res day 6/13!!! Also, I’m glad to read you like WCC bc that’s a dinner res I want…never been, but it looks fun😊
Have a great day! Get a nap if you can!!
P.s. We got an official court adoption date yesterday, it’s 7/13!!! Wish I could post a pic of our dumpling!


Haha yes that would’ve been awesome! I’m overall very happy how it worked out :slight_smile:
I don’t think you’ll regret WCC, we go EVERY trip, it’s one of our faves, and I love that it’s in WL, kind of quietly tucked away, a fun place though and such great food and so much for your $$! You’ll have to let me know how you like it!
CONGRATS on the official adoption date!!! So excited for your big trip to celebrate. Let me know how your ADRs go!

FPP are 7a.m. eastern time. Hopefully what you score will work well within the plan you’ve set up!

Good looking reservations there. Try setting up ResFinder for either a later BOG so as to not use EMH at table or an 0800 one. Do the same (time appropriate, though) for the Ohana you’re hoping for. Most Liners have had amazingly good results from ResFinder and it saves you the hassle of looking multiple times a day every day.

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Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your ADRs!! I’m at that stage of second guessing myself about 3 different reservations.:frowning:

I have to ask a dumb question…what is a CLP dining package?

CandleLight Procession - a Christmas season event at EP

I know the feeling! I second and third guess EVERY. TIME.
Not dumb - CLP is the Candlelight Processional Dining Package at Epcot. The orchestra/story of christmas told by a celebrity narrator in the Americas theater. It runs Nov-Dec I believe and to get guaranteed seating you may purchase a dining package for it at select restaurants when released. :slight_smile: Our first time so I’m not too versed in it myself!

Oh! You booked TH for lunch! You will love it!

Yes, we were really hoping to get that one, never been and SUPER excited! Having Donald and Daisy there is icing on the cake. DH is a HUGE Donald fan and my daughter has been dying to see Daisy.
Is lunch a buffet too?


I agree.

CLP…just when you think you’re getting a handle on the acronyms…you’re not!!

Thanks, @OBNurseNH and @haylekk!

I would love to go to the World during the holidays! Maybe some day!!


Haha, believe me, yesterday I had to google what one of them meant, lol. When I saw it was so obvious but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out at first that FotLK was Festival of the Lion King! :smiley:

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I laughed when i read this…yesterday I googled “CLP at Epcot” My hubs says it’ll be torture for our 2 y/o…thoughts? I don’t mind the 3 older kids being a tad bored, as this is my trip too! :smile:

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I was fully prepared and ready to go at 11am this morning (UK time) but it really was as tough as TP promised. I only booked dinner as that’s the meal we all really look forward to. I eventually managed to get
Captains Grille on arrival day because we are staying at the Yacht Club
Spice Road Table
Teppan Edo
Cape May Cafe
Sci-Fi Drive In
Tutto Italia
Coral Reef
Be Our Guest
T-Rex for lunch on 9th December before heading over to the Portofino at Universal for the rest of our stay.
I would love to get Fantasmic and Ohana but no chance of that this morning but I haven’t given up hope.

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Sounds like you did well and got some good reservations there! I envy you being able to do it at 11am vs. 5 am like I do, lol! Have you eaten at Spice Road Table before? We have not but I’ve heard great things!

Hi again - We haven’t eaten at Spice Table before but are happy to try it…unless an opportunity for a dinner package at Fantasmic or Ohana becomes available and if that’s the case, Spice Table might get swapped. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx