ADR's at the 180 mark

We have a May/June 2020 trip started. I’m trying to make things as smooth as possible for 2 1st-timers, using all the planning tools available just as I did on our last 2017 trip. We had all our meals planned, FP+ scheduled, and used TouringPlans - it all came out perfect. We only missed a couple things just because we didn’t know what they were and left them out of our plans. I have read that the best way to schedule now is to start at your finishing date and work backwards. For example, our last day is June 3. So, I was just playing around on the MDE with dates and making myself familiar again. If my 180 day is November 29 for the May 27, 2020 check-in day…Can I schedule ADR’s for June 3 online? Or is it schedule day-for-day?

It will depend if you are staying on-site or off-site. On-site guests can do up to 10 days of ADRs at the starting trip date. Off-site guests have to go day-by-day.

EDIT - fixed to 10 days… wasn’t originally sure. THANKS!

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It’s check in day plus the next 10 days. Then day by day if you’re staying longer.

The best thing to do is get your tough ones first. Most restaurants will have availability for months.


We are staying on-site. I guess the online portion just confused me, since we are not officially at our 180 mark.

It’s 180 from check in day, but yes you’ll be further away from the rest of your days.

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For best results, try to schedule both hard to get meals and FPPs towards the end of your stay :slight_smile:

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I just got done making my DDR’s. 180 days out I was able to make them for a 10 day period. Restaurants such as Ohana’s, Akersus, and Chief Mickey’s are the hard one’s for us. We do not do signature restaurants so I am unsure of how hard they are to get that far out. We book the hardest one’s at end of our vacation which is 14 days but as stated you can only book the first 10 days all at once. After that you must book day to day but it really makes little since because even day to day you are still farther out then most vacations and it is still easy to get anything you want at any time period.

I also thought I would add this for those who are considering a DDP. Some say it is because it is so easy to use when obtaining meals. Remember though that if you have a credit card tied to your Disney acct. you can use your Magic Band to purchase meals just like you do for the meal plan. Only difference is it is charge to your credit card on file and not prepaid. I used to purchase DDP all the time but after figuring out the savings on pay as you go, we opted out of a DDP. For the two of us it’s just not worth it and also we became AP members and get a meal discount that way. It’s room only for us now and we save big time this way.