ADRs and The Swan

Anyone with an upcoming stay at Swan/Dolphin or has been there recently?
I booked a room/ticket package at The Swan for November 2022, booking it through Disney. Did it that way so that if I decide to cancel, I am not left holding tickets. My understanding is, we will get the early 1/2 hour in the parks and the extra time in the evenings. My question is, if you are at The Swan, can you book ADRs at 60+10 days? I have yet to get a clear answer from a CM and get no response when I send a question to Guest Services/

I choose Swolphin first for my stays. I’ve never truly cared about the 60 +10 (no princesses for CRT or need for V&A’s here) so we always get what we want using OpenTable or a Res Finder to avoid the WDW ADR games. I also like the Swolphin restaurants (don’t sleep on them just because the servers are not dressed as cm’s - esp Kimonos…hidden gem! Plenty of ppl will say Swolphin restaurants are better because they are not Disney run.)

I do follow the massive thread about Swolphin on DisBoards, and this question pops up often. Some have reported being allowed 60+10, while others have reported rolling 60 (so you would make reservations for each day 60 days prior to the day.) I’d suggest trying to get in touch with the Disney Desk at the resort itself - they have their own sep number, but you have to catch them at the right time, in my experience. Another option would be to head over to the Disboards site, and pose the question on the Swan/Dolphin thread in the “Resorts” section - TONS of friendly peeps and advice. You might get a very recent experience, if nobody chimes in here. Hope it works out!

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My 60 days is tomorrow for the Swan Reserve, so I can report back with what happens in the morning. I’ve seen mixed answers, so hopefully the answer is yes!


When we stayed at the Dolphin in April, we booked ADRs through our stay (60+5).


I look forward to your report!

Just secured ADRs for a friend’s Dolphin stay in early December and it was 60+5, no problems (other than REALLY slow internet response time). Family of 6. Only resv I couldn’t get was Space 220. But was I able to get good dinner times for BOG & Tusker House and got Topolinos breakfast.

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I stayed at Swan in June and all of my 60+ ADRs opened for me with no problems.

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Did not work for me this morning. My dates showed up, but I couldn’t book anything past 12/4, so it was like I didn’t have a reservation. I tried on my laptop (in incognito), phone, and iPad and nada. I also tried calling right at 7 and it was a two hour wait so I’m not sure if that would’ve worked because I didn’t stay on. I finally ended up booking the one room on property that’s available for my dates and was able to get a few reservations. I’m wondering if this is just a Swan Reserve issue since the hotel is not open yet and it seems like the Swan/Dolphin don’t have issues. Oh well!

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Thank you for the update. Sorry that it didn’t go well.

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I will only be booking for three adults, so no character meals this trip, although I would like to do Topolino’s for breakfast.