ADRs and LL and ILL$$

Since we have little control over our LL times and ILL$$ times for ROTR, what happens if your return time and ADR actually conflict? As in, you aren’t going to make it to your return time at all.

I don’t want to score a SDD LL during my SciFi ADR. Don’t want to give either up and shouldn’t have to. Do I go to lunch and then go to my SDD LL? Do I ride SDD and go to lunch late?

Grrr! I hate this system already and I’m not there yet.

Genie supposedly knows your other reservations based plans and won’t offer you conflicting times. At least for ILLs


I can see SDD being a huge problem though. Theoretically you should be able to see the return time before you try to return it. So, theoretically, the non-conflicting is within your control. But, people are reporting that they actually get a later time than they actually saw when they hit the button. So, that gets tossed out the window.

If it were me, I would just do what I can to not get a conflict, and if it happens, let Disney sort it out. Go to SDD, show them your MDE, tell them what time it showed you and then show them your ADR time. I’d bet they’d just let you go on then and cancel the SDD G+.

Although, if they can not offer conflicts for ILL$$$, I wonder if they are doing the same thing for G+.

Thanks. That’s what I’m worried about - those LL times that change as you click through. I guess I can try again at 7:08 but that’s a big risk on a CL9 day. Worried r/e ROTR, too. I know I can pick my time but they sell out so fast I’m worried about having to take one with a conflict or risk losing out all together.

I thought one of the things people love/hate about G+ and ILL$$ is that it tells you there is a conflict but let’s you book it anyway? As opposed to FPP that won’t let you book with a conflict?

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OK I’m getting palpitations over this whole thing this morning.


Uh oh! Sorry! That seems to be the theme for us poor Liners with this new system.

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Really, I wouldn’t, particularly on a CL9 day. Do like people do with the boarding groups and just click through as fast as you can. Let them sort it out. They have a LOT of experience, since boarding groups were often called during peoples ADR times. When you get to HS, go to either SDD or Sci-Fi, show them the problem and nicely ask them to help. Maybe they will move your ADR time.

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LL return times are use it or lose it. It’s up to you to manage your schedule. G+ will let you book everything at the time and then in “My Day” tell you there’s a conflict. I would delay booking my LL by a few minutes to get a better time if it’s close. For the paid ILL you can select the return time so definitely book around your adr time. If there is a time where a LL may get you to an adr late I’d go for that’s skipping the LL bc of the adr and then hoping to ride with the LL anyway. Many reports of no show no ride whereas most restaurants will eventually seat you if you’re late.