ADR's and FP's for long trips

I believe I read something about this before, but I am looking for confirmation that this is currently how it works.

So for an on-site stay of longer than 10 days, I believe I can book ADR’s and FP’s 10 days at a time beginning at the 180 day/60 day mark, then 1 day at a time after that. Is this correct?

For example, if 180 day mark is January 1, I can book July 1-10. Then on January 2, I can book July 2, on Jan. 3, July 3 etc. until done (dates for example only, not exactly 180 days apart).

Also, in my case, we may be doing 10 day tickets plus 2 days just party tickets. I know I should be able to book for those dates as well (inside party hours on those days), so 12 days total, but again want to confirm. I am thinking disney sees how many total days you have available in your account across all tickets and then lets you book that many days inside the 180 day window however you want.

I’m in a similar situation for our next trip. It sounds like you’ve got it right. Here is an example:

If your check-in date is July 1…

On January 2 (180 days away), you can book ADRs for July 1-10.
On January 3, you can book ADRs for July 1-11.
On January 4, you can book ADRs for July 1-12.

…and so on.

I’m not sure if they will prevent you from booking ADRs for more than 10 days if you only have 10-day park tickets. I think they allow you to book them for the entire length of your stay regardless. Maybe someone else can verify this, though.

I hope this helps.

ADRs are always 10 days only, then one day at a time after that. They are not linked to your resort stay or length of ticket.

FPP can be booked for the length of your ticket at 60 days if you are staying onsite. I was able to book all 14 days of my trip with my UK 14 day ticket.

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I had a 12 day trip last July with 10 day tix and I was only able to book Fastpasses for 10 of the days. 2 Days were planned for waterparks only but I wanted to book 12 days of Fastpasses in case weather drove me to change my waterpark days but the system wouldn’t let me.

Also, I wasn’t able to book Fastpasses for the last 2 days at the 180 day mark but did have to wait for days 181 and 182.

I agree wit the ADRs being first 10 days of holiday at 180 days and then 1 day at a time afterwards. But we had a 14 day holiday and we were able to book fastpasses for the 14 days at 60 days out.

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Can only book FFP for the number of days on your tickets. If you are there for 12 days but only a 10 day ticket, that is all that the system will allow you to book.