ADRs and FPPs for one person

Does anyone have experience of booking ADRs and FPPs for one person. I’m guessing/hoping they might be easier to find than for groups.

For some ADRs you might have better luck trying for 2 people if you can’t get it for 1. It’s to do with table sizes…

No penalty for showing up with just 1 person either.


Sometimes you might actually find that it is easier to find a table if you say that you are booking for 4. WDW reservations are funny that way.

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'Ohana is especially notorious for not liking solos in the system. But as has been said, make it for 2 and just show up with 1.

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Do you have an idea of where you want to eat? When I am alone I will often eat at bar/lounges that serve a full menu. No ADR needed- but takes away the fun of making/changes ADRs.

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HBD and Le Cellier are absolute musts. Even though I think the Cobb salad might have poisoned me, I simply have to go back there and have another one. And Le Cellier was the most delicious food I had during my last trip.

CRT is out. Never going back there. And I don’t think I need to do BOG again.

I’m not trying to recreate last year’s trip (well, I want to redo the highlight, obviously) so I need to put new things in.

I didn’t do Sci Fi Dine-In, which sounded fun. Or Crystal Palace.

Sanaa was great but there’s no way I’ll be so lucky as to get a window table again, and it’s not super-convenient to get to.

So much to think about! Will 142 days be enough time?

Don’t think I’ll take the risk of doing California Grill again. I don’t need to see the fireworks from their terrace again. And not all tables have a great view. Ahem.

Tiffin’s was great. I could do that again. Or not.

I bet if you look you will be able to finfpd just about everything you want even today.

The tricky part is FPPs because they determine where you are on any given day. I remember last year I allocated parks to days based on projected crowd levels. But once I got FPPs (which, thanks to Brandy, were 60 days in advance) I had to do vast amounts of changes. And then I found a stray FPP for FOP and thus even more changes.

I’m tempted to do some cheating and buy some kind of VIP action so that I need to worry less about FPPs.

So much to think about! I’m genuinely feeling a bit overwhelmed. At the same time I’m sure I’ve made the right decision and I’m insanely excited again. I kinda needed this, to be honest. (But every time my dog looks at me I feel guilty.)

If you forget about FoP and commit to being at AK 90 minutes before opening there is really you cannot do.

I’m not sure I’m a rope-dropping kind of a guy. Last summer we did lazy mornings, but then stayed till close. That worked well.

You mention Crystal Palace. Have you already done Skipper Canteen? We did CP recently because I’d never been there and had been intrigued a bit about the decor. Decor is meh, desserts were good (the rest of lunch was meh), meeting Tigger was lots of fun for this old gal (he was such a flirt!). We did Skipper Canteen on the previous trip, and really enjoyed the decor (in one of the smaller rooms) and food. For my money, I’d choose SC over CP.

Breakfast at CP has no advantage for PPO, because it’s not beyond the rope at the hub. But people do like breakfast there.

If I were going alone I absolutely would do this. Especially at AK.

Have “fun” planning.

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I’m doing the Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour at Animal Kingdom in a couple of weeks and will report back. I got it specifically so I didn’t have to stress about FOP in particular. (Turns out I did get a FP+ for it on my second AK day, but I’m still doing the tour.)


How did this workout for you? Thinking about adding it for our upcoming August trip.

The time is showing up as 4:45pm. Was yours similar? What time was the food offered?

I ended up not doing it. I got the FP+ for everything so I decided not to.

I did Carong For Giants instead.