ADRs and EMH

I am hoping to make my ADRs as early as I possibly can, but I'd also like to know what the EMH situation is each day. I'd prefer to make a reservation at whichever park has EMH that day. When do they announce the schedule, or is it just always the same? We are traveling in mid-May.

I wish I could help you @bradmyers but I'm not too sure. I've noticed that for my trip this December, the hours (and EMH schedule) seems to follow pretty close to what they did the year before [not exact date to date, but day to day i.e. Monday compared to Monday (the day itself may be off by a number)]. Hope that wasn't confusing! I'd look at mid-May of last year on the TP site and compare to when you are going. Hopefully someone else will chime in!

When it's available it should be available on this link
It should be available mid October, but bear in mind the hours do change. Of you follow the link it will take you to the final hours for May 2014, which it's worth making a note of as the pattern is likely (but not guaranteed) to be similar. Hope this helps.

May hours should come out by by the end of October, if not sooner. The current schedules are out through April right now.

Check out the predicted park hours in the Crowd Calendar - the TP folks are pretty good at figuring out what the final park hours will be. By "final" I mean the actual hours for the day in question, not the initial hours that are released about 6 months out. For more info on how WDW sets hours, check out

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