ADRs and "doubling up"

I am concerned about my ADRs, which I have to make on Tuesday. I have read today and many other times on the forums that people double up on ADRs so that they can have flexibility when scheduling. How far apart must ADRs be? Can you schedule them an hour apart? Two hours?

Disney is the most user-UNfriendly service ever. Non-TP people would never think to make double the reservations, because it doesn’t make any sense! I’m griping, I know, but I am really frustrated that a trip that’s supposed to be fun (very tiring fun) is this much work and stress. FPP day is going to kill me.

I stressed about this, too. Then, 3 months later, made almost all the ADRs I wanted. Here’s the thing, there are only certain ones that will be hard to get. Make those on Tuesday. Make a couple of days of those, if you’re unsure. If you feel up to it, make a few others, but many of the ‘regular’ restaurants have plenty of reservations available.

Good luck, don’t stress, you’ll have a great time anyway.


They are scheduled in 1hr blocks. So if you have a 12:00 one, you can’t have one sooner than 11:00 or 1:00.

If you’re finding the planning too stressful, perhaps hand it over to someone like me who LOVES the planning - and then you can just go and have fun :slight_smile: Embrace the crazy!

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I loved it but I keep changing it over and over because I just don’t want to have to think about food, I just want to have ADRs set. I am not looking for perfection or anything, I’m not a “I need a 6:00pm BOG or my trip is ruined” kind of person. I just like to have the day generally planned out.

My DH would sooner eat QS for every meal… or a Mickey pretzel for every meal… than plan anything. I just need to chill out.


@Ariadne gave good advice. I would just add that it can help if you remember that you can ALWAYS find something to eat at WDW. Your family won’t starve if you don’t have any ADRs. There are fun counter service places and lounges all over the place. It’s easy to lose sight of that reality with the planning hype.

I think it works well to decide which restaurants are my must-do places. Are there any places you will feel disappointed if you don’t get to eat there? Narrow it down to just a few! You can make 2 different ADRs for each of the ones you care really strongly about. Maybe a lunch one day and a dinner another day, just so you have some flexibility. Then don’t sweat over the rest. You can fill in gaps with whatever is available later or make single ADRs for your second-tier choices.

To answer your questions, I’ve found that you can make ADRs that are a bit more than an hour apart. I might make lunch ADRs for 11:00 at MK and 12:30 at HS, for example. It doesn’t seem to let me do exactly an hour apart, but a bit more than an hour works. I hope this helps!

Edited to add: @OBNurseNH gave good advice too!

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So I am a full-on type A personality and looooove the planning. That being said, I have stressed myself out worrying about what will happen when I finally have the chance to reserve (ex: 180 days out and 60 days out).

One thing that I finally had to do was back away from the planning. I had analyzed the fast pass situation to the “nth” degree and was basically playing out various scenarios of what would happen if I didn’t get what I wanted. In the end, I woke up at 7AM on my day and got everything I wanted very easily - with only a need to bump by a half hour or so… not actually changing any of my plans.

ADRs are the same way. We decided only 90 days out that we would go, and I worried instantly that we wouldn’t be able to get what we wanted. I had not trouble finding ADRs… with the one that I had to work to get I used the TP reservation finder. Once I set it up it took about a week to find a pre-RD BOG breakfast reservation… that was a couple weeks ago and the reservation is in June.

I guess moral of the story is to try not to overanalyze (like I do). The reservation fates/gods are in your favor and you have plenty of time to work out any kinks when you get something that is nearly but maybe not exactly what you planned for.


When I planned my ADR’s for August, I went into it with the mindset of: I want one table service per day, and this is the restaurant I want each day. For example, we wanted dinner at CRT on arrival day. I’m going with a teenager, so time of dinner is not the end of the world. I added this one in late, so our options were 4:00 (too early) or 8:45. While that’s late, we also know we’re going to be having a late lunch due to traveling down there that day, so this gives us time to arrive, swim, and head to the park at a leisurely pace. We knew we wanted breakfast at TH, but again, weren’t married to the time. So, late-ish breakfast at 9:45, and we can RD AK and get a couple of rides in before we eat (EMH at 8 that day).

June 2 opens up ADR’s for our late November trip, and this is the way I’ll approach that day, also, focusing on the restaurants that we’re not going to this summer. I say all that to say: I didn’t want to stress out over food before I even left for the trip, so being willing to have a flexible plan that can bump around a little made it SO MUCH less stressful for me.


I decide which parks I will visit on which days, which days I will spend at the resort, and what ADRs I want for the trip. On ADR day I make the ADRs that I planned. No doubling up, no second MDE accounts in order to game the system - I just make the ones that I have decided on. And 98% of the time I make no changes between ADR day and the trip. Very little stress. Pretty much the same thing for FPPs.


How long are you there. My ADR day is mother’s day. We arrive on the 10th. Son wants to try Tiffins. He also mentioned LeCeleir but he wants to try pouttine. I told him there are other options.

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There is a poutine QS in DS. Le Cellier (which I like very much) tried to “up the game” on the poutine and adds truffle oil - something that almost makes me gag…


I have had french fries with gravy. Usually it was after we were out and hit the diner late in the night. Generally, I don’t like french fries so gravy helpa. Not sure the added cheese in pouttine is good. I guess I should give it a try though.

We are there from the 5th to the 11th.

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Maybe we can meet up. We are staying at CSR and doing the Jim Hill and Len Testa event. I am hoping for an early flight on the 10th.

FWIW, we loved the poutine at Le Cellier on our last trip. It may be that we were poutine novices, but I’d compare it favorably to the poutine we had in Toronto at a sports bar by the Air Canada Centre. Le Cellier is very good, but expensive particularly if your mission is poutine rather than steak. The QS in Disney Springs is likely a far wiser choice as @bswan26 suggests. The Daily Poutine is the DS place.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if you can find poutine at a QS cart in Epcot somewhere in Canada as well, but I’ve never tried so I can’t say for certain.