ADRs all booked

Although we will tweak ADRs scheduled

BOG breakfast day one. Early entry to MK 8.10 booking
Garden grille
Sci Fi. Not sure might CX
Paddle fish Disney springs
Tuskers AK
Flying Fish. BW
Artist Point. The new Snow White menu
Chef de France

We will be rolling home*


Yum! How many days to eat all that?

  1. Still have three days to fill LOL! Plus we have a quick service and snacks …

Oh good. That will be perfect–if you had said 6, I’d be worried! We always do 1 TS/day (except next trip we have 1 day with 2 TS meals for lunch and dinner)

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Sci Fi is brilliant, don’t cancel it!

I’ve been before. Just can’t remember food. Not a fan of restaurants in HS. But I think my grandson will enjoy it being in the car etc

Food is kind of meh at Sci Fi, although I think it has gotten better reviews of late. We last did breakfast there which was solid. It is a very fun/unique environment and tends to be affordable, at least relative to other ADR offerings…

The burgers and milkshakes are really good.

Yes that’s the thought. I’m on the dining plan. I can get a burger at Disney Springs as a quick service rather than waste a table service

Looks like the makings of a wonderful trip!

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well done

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