ADR yet?

We are 60 days out as of this morning, I am able to now see my entire trip and times at restaurants. It will not let me book. I called and they said I should be getting an email this week. Anyone else have this problem? We are booked Labor Day weekend

Tomorrow is my day to book for our Labor Day weekend trip as well

I believe that the CM is saying that they only allowed booking to a certain date and the system hasn’t open past that date?

On another forum a person mentioned this same thing a week ago.

Called on day 60 and got no joy.

Called back and that CM helped her make ADRs.

Was wondering how you made out, my day is Saturday.

All is working now. We did call back yesterday and second cast member made them for us

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I was able to book online but only for our first day. We are staying on-site from Sept 5-8. Today I could book for the 5th but all of the other days were grayed out. I had assumed I could book for the length of my trip so not sure if this is a glitch or if it just the new way?

As an update, I just checked again and now all of my dates are open. Must of been a glitch - who would have thought :laughing: