ADR with party of 7, one person shows up late?

I’m thinking out loud here, but would like your input…

I have a breakfast ADR at Cape May Cafe for my family (7 including me), and the plan is for me to join them after finishing the W&D half marathon. I will probably be there about 30 minutes into the meal. Will the CMs let me join them? If not, could I get a later ADR just for myself, but then join them at their table?

They don’t seat you until everyone in your party is there. If you had a separate ADR, I’m still not sure you could join them. They’d be seated at a table for 6. There wouldn’t be a place for you.

It’s possible if they explained when they arrived that the CM might let you in. But I don’t think you could expect it.

We managed it once at Beaches and Cream. DH was collecting the rental car, the rest of us walked over from the Dolphin.

I arrived about 5 minutes before our ADR time, and asked if we could be seated or needed to wait. The CM was happy to seat us and DH arrived about 15 minutes later.

I think if your group explained you had been running and were delayed, they’d possibly seat them. But I would use the reservation finder to try and move it back a bit, to be safe.

More thinking out loud… I actually had to split it up into 2 reservations (parties of 3 and 4). So, if they are seated at two adjacent tables, there will be an extra chair for me. If they combine the reservations (without me there) and sit at a single table for 6, I wouldn’t have a chair. I just snagged an additional ADR for only me about 30 minutes after theirs, but I would hate to eat by myself in a different part of the restaurant. I’m thinking this might not work at all for me, and I’ll just skip this meal and go back for a shower after the race. I was looking forward to one final magical moment, but there will be plenty anyways. Thanks for listening