ADR with change in resort reservations

I booked a cabin at Fort Wilderness for late July (with my 5 adult size family going, that and a deluxe resort room are the only ones to accommodate my family) and made my ADR’s at 180+10 this morning. I was waiting to hear back from a CM friend of mine (I’m local to DLR and DLR AP for over 15 years, but this is only 2nd time to WDW) on the friends and family discounts for hotels in WDW. She had never used this benefit before and didn’t know much about it, but she responded last night, so now I’m going to make a reservation with her discount for the Contemporary Resort. Will this affect my ADR’s at all if I wait 2 weeks until I’m within my 180 day window with all my ADR’s to make the new reservation and cancel the old and they’re both linked to my MDE? I don’t want to lose any ADR’s.

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I;m following this, interested to find out myself.

Many times you can modify a reservation even if you are changing resorts or applying discounts. Also, since it takes a few days for refunds to be processed many people just book the new reservation and then cancel. If you do not want to do either, since ADRs are not linked to a reservation you should be fine if you wait the 10 days.