ADR with a 2 Yr Old

When I am making dinner reservations for our upcoming December Trip do I need to count my 2 yr old in the reservation? It is my wife and I, my 7 yr old, my 2 yr old and my mother going so will I need to make reservations for 4 or 5? I think 5 but I wanted to be sure.

Yes you’ll need to make them for five.

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When I’ve traveled with my sister and her son (he was 9 months and getting close to 2 during those trips) we sometimes included him on reservations and sometimes didn’t. I’ve also done the same thing with an older (5 year old) child. The only reason we didn’t include the child, was to add another adult (me) to the reservation without having to change the reservation. We never had any problems getting an extra person seated.

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We are going with DD who is 2 this summer and we went with her at 1 last summer. We always include her, even if not paying for her, so they can plan for her place at the table.

This was my thought although she will be in a high chair wherever we are and we can fit her at a table made for 4 at most restaurants. Didn’t know if it would be easier to get a table for 4 vs. a table for 5 for ADR purposes.