ADR wish list

Good morning!
So yesterday I made my first leading reservation. What do you think the chances are of grabbing the following ADR’s?
ADR Wish list:

11/28: Skipper Canteen @ 2pm

       Firework Dessert Party

11/29: Storybook Dining at 6pm

11/30: Ohana Breakfast @ 9

Space 220 @ 5pm

12/1: Chef Mickey’s @ 10

12/3: Topolino’s breakfast

Fantasmic Dining package

12/4: Topolino’s breakfast (if we can’t get it on 12/3)

Boardwalk dinner: Beaches and Cream @ 5pm

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I don’t think you will have a problem getting most if you are able to be flexible with times. Space, Storybook and ‘Ohana will likely require lots of stalking and a reservation finder. In my experience with Space and Storybook, I wasn’t able to modify - very little availability. Try not to be disappointed if you don’t get them out the gate. Check every day, several times a day + a reservation finder.


Normally if you use a leading reservation and book each day at 70 days out, you can get what you want when you want. Plus, you are visiting at a lower crowd time. I believe 9/19 is the day to book for 11/28.

I guess it’s possible that some special meals/events are not available until 60 days out, but can’t remember what specifically.

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Thank you, fingers crossed! I can only book one day at a time, is that correct?

Yes :crossed_fingers:

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What is your process for leading reservation?

The only issue I can foresee is that sometimes Disney doesn’t load all the reservations early enough to take advantage of the leading reservation. Sometimes they aren’t even available to book 60 days out bc of wonky IT.

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