ADR window broken?

I have 3 nights (24-27/8) at BLT followed by 6 nights (27/8-2/9) at PORS booked with 14 day park hopper tickets (coming from the UK - seems to be what you’re offered!).

My ADR window opened at 12pm BST 25/6, but I can only access the 4 days I have booked at BLT - surely I should have access to 10 days, which would take me to the end of my trip?

Have I got this wrong? Wouldn’t be the first time… ;-D

Unfortunately with split stays you end up with two separate booking windows. You’ll be able to book the remaining days when you are 60 days out from your second resort stay.


Oh nuts!

Thanks - will make sure I’m primed for Wednesday then!


You could also try calling. There have been reports that people are being transferred to “guest services” and they are making the ADRs over the phone.

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If you are using the my Disney experience phone app, try logging out and back in (each day) if you don’t see what you expect. I did not initially see my “+10” until I saw a similar post recommending the logout/login each day. That worked for me. But this was only a problem on the app. A desktop browser did not suffer the same behavior.

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Yep as @PT mentioned, TP chat users have reported being able to call and get all dining for split stays all at once. Thus has been holding me back from split stays.

Keep us posted!

Thanks! I’ve managed to book what I wanted now, more or less.

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Have just managed to book up what I wanted (kind of), but you’re quite right about the website being a bit sketchy - I had to keep refreshing & logging in and out as it just kept crashing!

Now I just have to hope British Airways aren’t on strike when we’re due to fly out!

Thought I’d try the split stay thing as I’d love to be within walking distance of a park for a few days - didn’t consider it could impact on any other plans!

Checking in to a resort is one of my favorite parts of my vacation- so doing it twice definitely has its upsides. Those first few moments are so exhilarating.