ADR timing when staying at resort

I have a question about Advance Dining Reservations: I am staying at YC so when I am 60 days away from the first day of my reservation the whole trip should be open to book in MDE, correct? The same goes for Savi’s workshop, etc, right?

Yes! It should open by 6am online. Sometimes I have found it opens on the website but not the app or the app and not the website so check both!

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Yes, provided your whole trip is 10 days or less. (We typically refer to this as the “60+10” window.)

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Good advice, thanks. I’ll check both places.

I saw a fb post by my travel agent that says ADRs are opening at 5:45am. I haven’t been able to confirm yet.

I was planning to err on the side of early. I had seen 5:45 someplace as well and hey, what’s 15 minutes less sleep?

That is what it states on the Disney site but in general it hasn’t been working like that.