ADR this morning - Fantasmic dining question

I just reserved all the reservations we wanted - which is great - except for Fantasmic dining package. There is absolutely nothing available at any date or any time at any of the restaurants that offer it. We are staying for 7 nights and not a single time slot for this. Is this “normal?” When we went last year I remember adding this after our 180 day and it didn’t seem to be a big deal?

They must not be loaded into the system yet. You are going to need to keep checking it can happen any day.

Also maybe try calling just to see if a CM can see them.


I agree - it’s not that it’s unavailable, it’s just not in there yet. I would book whatever restaurant you want for now, and then modify to the F! package when it becomes available to book.

This happened to us a few years ago. I had to keep checking back until they were in the system

That’s exactly what I did - reserved the “regular” dining meal at the time we wanted for the Fantasmic package, and I’m hoping those will open up soon. If not, there is always the Fantasmic dessert party even though that is extra money. I also realize that the Fantasmic dining options are at off-peak eating times, so I’m prepared to change times if necessary.

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Well, this is interesting. I did searches for Fantasmic dining package availability for random dates/times every month through July 16 for just ONE person and could not find any availability for anything at all. Is this something that has to be reserved by phone now I wonder?

It hasn’t been. But again July is a long way off in F! package terms. I would just check back regularly, and keep your eyes on chat as people often share there when they find booking open.

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I think it might be because it is tied to a show. I have seen the same thing with dessert parties.

I should also say it’s very possible that the site is being glitchy if you see nothing at all between now and then.

Try searching in an “incognito” window, and if that still produces nothing between now and then try another day

I will try that - thanks!

I called and spoke with a CM this afternoon. She could not get an availability for anything either.

What I read at was that the dining package will begin on 1/18 with reservations starting on 1/17.

On Walt Disney Worlds site, there is this, and it says that Bookings will begin on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

Hope this helps.

In my experience, packages like these are often not available till much nearer the time.

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There is something glitchy going on with F! packages and the F! dessert party for all dates, not just July. Tuesday I was looking at available times for a F! dining package during early April since we switched some of our days around. Anyway, there were plenty of options at Mama Melrose and Brown Derby. I didn’t book any, so went back today to book and there are no dates or times available at all for any day or time. Hopefully the glitch fixes itself soon.

I hope so, too! I’ll be checking daily I suppose.

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I just checked again today, and the entire calendar for every month is shaded grey for zero availability on any day…forever…so, I’m thinking this has to be a glitch??

It is working again on the website for me today.

I just checked again now when I got home and, yes, it is now working and I was able to get the reservation (and the back up reservation date) time and restaurant that we wanted! :smile:

Now it is CRT that is unavailable for every day forever, even though yesterday there were no less that 7 options for a party of 3 on Saturday, April 6th. UGH Disney IT makes me crazy!

That’s a new package for Illuminations at Epcot.

OP was asking about the Fantasmic dining package at DHS.