ADR Technical Question

Hi All! My ADR date is Monday (yes, I’ll be doing this with a presidential debate hangover), so I’ve been practicing with the website. I’ll be with a party of 7, and I was able to add everyone to my practice reservation (including my sister’s kids, who I was worried about being able to add). My question is: can I make a reservation for 7 without naming all the people? It takes a lot of time to add each one at a time. Is is possible to just make a reservation for me and 6 nameless, faceless people and later on link my party members?

What if a reservation for 7 is hard to get, but I can get one for 8? If I have to name everyone in my party, I will run out of people to select.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!

You don’t need to put names in and yes you can make for 8 if 7 does not show up. I just did ADRs for a group of 7 and hand to make 90% of them for party of 8. The only exception I can think if would be prepaid reservations like CRT or HDDR those you would not want to prepay for an extra person and you will need to designate difference between child and adult so you don’t get over charged

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Thank you!