ADR Strategy

My ADR day is coming up in a few weeks. I want to make ressies at Space 220, Hollywood Brown Derby, Sci Fi Dine In, Via Napoli. Only for 2 people.

What time does the window open up?
Which of mine look the most difficult and would be my priority?Sci Fi or Space?

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ADRs open at 6am online, 7am by phone. I would book: Space, Sci-fi, VN, HBD.


100% 2nd what @PrincipalTinker said


Which Space 220 are you trying to do? The restaurant, which is prix fixe only? Or the lounge, which you can order a la carte (or from the prix fixe menu) and has a better viewing location? They’re in the same room, but it has a fairly small capacity.

Thanks for advice and guidance, @PrincipalTinker.

@mkmuzzy - I am open to either but was thinking I would try for restaurant 1st and then take lounge if that’s all I can get. I’ve never eaten there before and am very clausterphobic. Do you think I’ll have an issue and is there one that might be a better choice over the other?

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I’ve never been there. Have you watched any YouTube videos about this, including the “elevator” ride? The elevator has viewing “windows” (screens) in the floor and the ceiling (like the old MK attraction, Mission to Mars). The elevator seems roomy, but the views could be unsettling if someone has a fear of heights. The actual restaurant looks to be very open and spacious, with large “windows” into space.

Many people prefer the lounge for the chance to save money and have a better view. You can still order the same food (the prix fixe menu) as the restaurant if you want to.

We ate at S220 lounge, and it was fine. Actually better than being right next to the windows I think because it was easier to see the wide sweeping views. It is all just one huge room anyhow. The lounge tables are just a bit higher and further from the windows.

We treated the S220 lounge as a more elevated quick service type meal. It was fun to do once.

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I’ve found it difficult to get reservations for 2 in the past. If you can’t find what you want, try for a table for 4. You can edit the reservation later to reduce it to 2 people.

There’s nothing small about it, it’s a big open room, and the space elevator is big too. Nothing like Mission Space which is quite claustrophobic.

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Thanks for sharing this. I have actually tried getting ressies during past trips and was never successful. I might try this trick if I have issues.

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Thanks for confirming that I don’t need to worry. And yes Mission Space is a no go for me.

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Hi everyone. Did my ADRs today successfully. A couple of times I had to change my party # from 2 to 3. That trick really works!! even got Space - woot!! The only restaurant not available and I checked a few other dates too and it generally seems unavailable is San Angel Inn. I don’t usually have issues booking that one. Anyway, thanks everyone for advice!


Space220 actually made DH (and to an extent me) feel a bit light headed. You’re not moving but the large screen and the high pitch buzzing really started to bother us. Just a warning.

I think SAI didn’t load yet. Set a reservation finder and it will probably open up in a few days.

uh oh…not feeling excited to hear this. Wonder if others have had this experience.

thanks for tip. ressie finders set!

I hadn’t heard anyone say this here or in reviews so I was surprised. Hopefully it’s just us. Once we left, we felt fine.


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Oh good - another. I seriously thought it was just us. Tons of negative reviews but not one mentioned feeling lightheaded. That is the main reason we don’t go back. Food was act pretty good. Scenery got old after 5 min as well so not worth it but that is the main reason.

I was seriously so dizzy and could not wait to get out of there! I was joking about it being “altitude sickness” which I do get.