ADR Strategy Advice (yes, another of those posts)

Hello friends,

We are preparing for our first ADR 60 day window opening on Monday morning. This will be the first time we’re trying for things at the 60 day marker instead of the 180. Also, the first time with limited availability and limited restaurants open (thanks, COVID). Hoping some of you who have had some COVID experience can help us prioritize a plan of attack for Monday.

We arrive Friday, April 2nd (Easter weekend, woohoo crowds). Thankfully, my sister arrives 3 days before us, so she’s already grabbed reservations for our first couple days.

We are looking for (all for 4 guests):

60+2 dinner at Beaches and Cream
60+3 breakfast at Topolino’s (maybe not high priority, since might do on 60+2 with sister’s fam)
60+3 dinner at Sci-Fi
60+4 dinner at Biergarten
60+5 dinner at Boathouse
60+6 dinner at California Grill

I’m thinking Beaches and Cream, Sci-Fi, Cali Grill as top 3 based on timing in trip and popularity. But, which to go for first?

Thanks for any words and wisdom whist I over-analyze in my impatience for Monday and then this trip to arrive!

Here is what I have done in the past as far as ADR’s are concerned. When they were a 180 days out I would get up at 0500 and head for the computer to get on site early. First I would book the very hard to get place at the far end of our stay. Why? because others are booking too and many at the beginning of their stay so your chance are better to get what you want at the end of stay because other aren’t booking at those days yet. They will but you will bet them to it. Now people are kind of disappointed that it has went from 180 days out to just 60, but after looking at it I realized for us this gave us a chance to book ADR’s in the right time period if we planned to attend Disney more than once in a year. If it was a 180 days out or 6 months, in order to make those reservation in your time slot you had to be going again at least 6 months in between. I realize that isn’t a problem for everyone but the 60 days is actually no different than the 180 days out if you do your time slot with the same procedure I stated above. Good luck with your trip and I am hoping we can go in October of this year. Then again and again until we have at least three trips on our AP.:laughing:

I just booked my reservations for similar dates. (We leave Apr. 6th). We were 4,6 or 10 depending on the day. I got all my reservations, including Beaches & Cream, Sci-Fi, Biergarden and Boathouse (but not for the 10, only 6.)

Sci-Fi was the toughest, then probably Beaches & Cream. I can’t speak to the others.

I had to call to get my extra 4 people added to the reservations or during an adjacent time.

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Thanks, that’s encouraging. We have park hopper tickets, so I guess I can be flexible with which nights if needed. Hopefully will be able to match stuff up with my “ideal” plan though.

Switch Sci-fi to all most anything else you can get. It is terrible and you will find yourself crunched in for a hamburger at Steak prices.

DocHopper thanks. I’m in it for the atmosphere. LOL

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Yes they do show old black and white monster movies but only and small clip of them. I am old enough to remember the whole movie. :rofl:

We are well aware of Disney pricing and perceived value at various restaurants. We’re wanting to try as Sci-Fi for the experience. And my 7 and 10 year old boys loves plain old burgers, fries, and milkshakes. If we’re disappointed, we’ll grant you your “told you so.”


I’m with those who like Sci-Fi - for the fun atmosphere while eating an average fast-casual chain burger. The food is “good enough” for us. I enjoy the ~hour-long cycle of cheesy B-movie trailers and a few space-themed cartoons (including a Tom & Jerry one).

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Well, mostly successful this morning. Beaches and Cream is about an hour to 90 minutes earlier than I would have liked. Couldn’t get SciFi dinner at all on my first choice day, but got another night. Now to see if reservation finder will come through or if I need to institute a plan B. The rest are pretty much exactly what we wanted.

Now I have to wait until Sunday to do the last 2 days of our split stay. And wait on the reservation finder… and not panic about the White House wanting to shut down indoor dining in Florida…

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Sci-Fi is the one restaurant I didn’t get and most wanted one. So yay, you got a reservation! I will say from our last trip I don’t remember much of the food so most is unremarkable and I wouldn’t change a reservation due to that especially with good atmosphere. I hope you can modify times to better suit your needs.