ADR server clock off by two mins?

This morning at 4am local was my T-180 mark and I got all the ADRs I wanted at the times I wanted for my entire trip including BoG Dinner–YAY!! The weird part was that I kept on getting the error message about nothing available until 4:02. The same message I was getting when practicing the previous evening. I was getting worried and trying backup days after 4:00:30 with none showing available any day. I finally got a hit around 4:02 on a not-so-great day and decided to go back and re-try my preferred day and times were available then. You would think it would actually be very hard for a server to not have time accurate to sub-seconds?

Yes, I did have accurate time myself. I have three atomic clocks in my office along with my atomic watch, so very confident I knew the right time! :slight_smile:

Has anyone else noticed this? Seems very strange.

For fun, after getting all my ADRs booked I went back to the T-180 day mark for BoG dinner and tried a reservation just to see if any were still left–NONE by 4:08am!


I don’t understand how some people truly believe Disney or their employees are like accountants. Most are minimum wage or less. This is not the chief taking your ADR but rather an employee such as yourself. Now when you didn’t get through right on the minute, you should not be surprised. It’s happened to me on several things involving time. Now you were lucky to score a BOG reservation when you wanted it. Now if you look for a another or a different time good luck as that’s what it will take to get one. After being notified of reservations via UOG reservation finder, I finally snagged one. You must be very quick on phone or computer to get through before someone else snatches it up. Persistence is the key.

Hello again DocHopper! Sorry, wasn’t clear, this was ADRs on their website, not talking to a real person. Fully understand (and appreciate) the class of service we all get from CM whom as you point out, mostly folk all on minimum wage. Servers however, I assume all are synchronized to something precise. I hope no humans were involved on my online reservation or even “flipping the switch” to enable online reservations. Yep agree there is luck involved too, hence having backup days ready.



I have read in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World that the clocks are within a few seconds of the US Navel Observatory. (This is on page 322 of the 2018 edition). It is possible that your computer was off. I had a situation like that when I was 60 days out for making the FP+ reservations.


Yep, as mentioned at the top, at least three atomic clocks and an atomic watch all agreeing on the time! Very sure I had the right time. I have the big book too and expected things to be super-accurate. In the past when I’ve made reservations right at the opening window it has been a few seconds within that time. Just seemed weird, so was asking if anyone else had noticed. Just gave me a few minutes of anxiety thinking nothing was available for the entire 10-day window of my trip!