ADR Searching with Multiple Tabs

I am currently searching for an ADR for 3 for any $$TS in DHS. Can I leave several tabs open in my browser – one for each restaurant – and simply refresh the searches periodically? Or does doing this cause problems and make it necessary to search them one at a time?

Also, has anyone had issues with the WDW site using Google Chrome? I had found the perfect ADR, clicked on the time, selected the guests, clicked “next,” clicked next after selecting my credit card, and then my screen just went completely white. I left it for a bit, but nothing ever happened. Then I clicked the back button and the screen just stayed white. I always seem to run into weird issues on the WDW site when I’m using Google Chrome.

I’;ve used tabs with success.

regarding Chrome, use an INCOGNITO window. It works MUCH better.

edited to add: try searching for 4 if you’re having a hard time finding adrs. I also have 3 in my family and have found finding tables for 4 much easier.

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Thanks for the tips, @DarthDopey I will try them.

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Interesting - I’ll have to give that I try. I have heard that it is best to use incognito mode when searching for airfare/hotel deals on websites, as they track you and start to raise the price if you search for the same things several times.