ADR Reservations, who to book:

Is it better for me to personally try to reserve my ADR reservations or my Disney agent? Wondering if a Disney agent has a better chance at getting a requested times than I would?

Depends on what you mean by “Disney agent”. If travel agent, I’d likely just do it yourself if you have time around the 180 day mark. If you have club level access and can use the special Disney club concierge service, I’d lean towards them having special powers, but have no personal experience with it.

I prefer to do it myself, if there is a reservation I can’t get then it’s easier for me to change it on the spot. If the TA does it, they may not know your backup plan.

Thank you both for your responses! My 180 day is about a month out and I have been working on my list and timing but wasn’t sure if an authorized Disney agent had more of a chance to get what they were asking for than me just winging it. I do think it is best at @quackingtray said I need to be able to decide on a whim and make changes as needed. Thanks again for the advise!!!

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