ADR Report

Thank you to everyone that helped with the leading reservations. I’m 100% I would not have had these options if I waited until the standard day 60.

We are BIG foodies so dining is a huge part of our trip.

Day 1 - Breakfast Chef Mickey’s , Dinner at Biergarten
Day 2 - Lunch at Sci Fi, Dinner at Be Our Guest
Day 3 - Lunch at Yak & Yeti, Dinner at T-Rex
Day 4 - Lunch at Homecomin’ , Dinner at Liberty Tree
Day 5 - Breakfast at Ale and Compass , Dinner at Topolino’s Terrace
Day 6 - Universal Studios Day, Dinner at Yachtsman
Day 7 - Lunch at 50’s cafe, Oga drinks, and dinner at Hollywood
Day 8 - Breakfast at Tusker House, Dinner at Ohana

We are staying at Beach Club. This is makeup trip originally from March 2020 and we went from 6 days and added a resort day/universal day to “makeup” for the previous lost vacation.

Thanks again for those that helped with tip.


Nice line up!

Looks fabulous! Are people feeling the need for leading ADRs as things open up? My friend and I are going in January 2022 for marathon weekend and are planning on a lot of hard to get choices like California Grill, Topolinos , homecoming, Le Cellier, yak and yeti, skipper canteen.

I’m traveling with a group of 8 so I knew it would be difficult.

I looked this morning (my official day 60) and there is a LOT less of selection available so I know I wouldn’t have been able to get some of these without a leading reservation.

But I’m traveling in the end of October and demand seems pretty high still. Might not be as bad in January (and maybe more staff too).

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I decided to use one when I settled on wanting to eat at California Grill on 10/1 to see the new MK fireworks. :slight_smile:

CG didn’t open for ADRs until well after 60+10, but I was able to get everything I wanted. With the anniversary, I wasn’t sure we would be able to get much.

I don’t think I would do another leading reservation unless it was a confluence of circumstances like this instance was.

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Thanks for the input. I was not wanting to have to go through the hassle and figured we could likely make it work without a leading reservation.

We got everything we wanted except for Ogas in June but I did use a paid version of

Yes I’m hopeful there will be more availability in January!

This all looks wonderful - some great reservations here!

I’m feeling sluggish just thinking about this day (it sounds amazing, for sure, that’s just a lot of heavy foods!)

It’s our resort day. Lots of napping and then Boo Bash that night so we wanted to load up before the party.


Carb loading for the win!