ADR Recommendations

Hi Touring Plans family! I’m hoping for recommendations for ADRs I should try to nab for our next trip. We are not typically a signature dining family as we have young kids who are not adventurous eaters. We will stay at the Beach Club, but don’t mind building our touring plans to travel elsewhere for meals. Here is where we have dined on our previous trips:

BOG breakfast & dinner
Liberty Tree Tavern dinner
1900 Park Fare dinner
‘Ohana breakfast & dinner
Chef Mickey’s breakfast & dinner
Kona Cafe dinner
Whispering Canyon Cafe dinner
Garden Grill breakfast
Via Napoli dinner
Biergarten dinner
Beaches & Cream dinner
Sci-Fi Diner lunch
Tusker House breakfast
Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ dinner

I’d like to throw in a few more new restaurants for our next trip. Any recommendations? Thank you all so much!

I would recommend Prime Time in HS. It’s good and simple plus a lot of fun if you get a good server. We really like Skipper Canteen, but it might be a little too adventurous for your crowd. Check out their menu and see if it can work. The theme is really cute and the corny jokes from Jungle Cruise carry over. We love Olivia’s at Old Key West for breakfast. If you can get the Bon Voyage breakfast, do it. It’s a lot of fun. The characters are able to spend more time with each table than other character meals because the restaurant is small. The food is great as well. We really like the breakfast calzone.

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I am going to recommend Raglan Road, dinner or weekend brunch, for great food and entertainment .

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I second Raglan Road. I really enjoyed preRD Crystal Palace, they are my favourite characters and the food was good.


I really want to give Skipper Canteen a try, but the family is soooo resistant. I may need to revisit it with them. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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Yes! I have this on list of reservations to shoot for. I always feel a bit guilty that we are taking park time away from the kids by going to Disney Springs, but we ventured there during our last trip and really enjoyed it. There is so much to see and experience. We didn’t even make it a third of the way through the area and want to check out more things (like the photo pass studio, Coca-Cola store, World of Disney, etc.) Thank you for your recommendation!!!

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I have had Crystal Palace on my radar for a while, but haven’t booked due to the characters. My kids were never Pooh fans, but I think they would really enjoy doing a meal there because they have loved every other character they have interacted with at Disney. They never watched Chip and Dale, but loved meeting them at Garden Grill, so I think we will have to fit it in. Plus…who doesn’t love a buffet?!?

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I’d like to do Garden Grill next time.

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Most of my favorite non-signature TSs are already on your list. A few other recommendations

  1. Raglan Road in DS. Huge menu, great drink selections, and excellent entertainment during dinner.
  2. Sanaa at Kidani (AKL). Maybe too “adventurous” for your group, but I think they have a kids menu with the “usual suspects”. During daylight hours, you can watch the animals on the savanna.
  3. 50s Prime Time in DHS. Classic American “comfort food”, done well, in a fun 50s setting with (usually) fun, interactive CMs.
  4. Hollywood Brown Derby in DHS. I know you said you don’t do much signature dining because of the kids, but this one being in a park really feels more like a “really good” TS and less like a “signature”. I mention it because it has, hands-down, the best food in DHS, and the cuisine is pretty main-stream American, with an upscale twist.
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I second (third?) both of these suggestions. Our grandkids loved both Raglan Road and Crystal Palace; they are not adventurous eaters, as well, so they were happy with their meal choices at both places, and they loved the entertainment, too.
One additional place I would recommend is Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano. Italian is not my favorite food, but we decided to try it the last time we were at HS, as it was the only Fantasmic Dinner Package location available for us. Based on that, and some reviews, I was a bit concerned, but I shouldn’t have been. Wife and I were very pleased, and the menu had a lot of choices for those of us who avoid Italian food. The food and the service was so good, we both agreed it was one of, if not the, best meals we had on our last WDW vacation. (We did a 12:45 lunch, no real wait, wasn’t crowded, and the restaurant has nice ambiance, too.)


Thank you so much @bswan26! I have heard great things about Hollywood Brown Derby, especially their salad. Good call on it being the best food in Hollywood Studios. We always struggle with what to do there for meals and have typically ended up at Backlot Express. Time to try something new! Thank you again!

Thank you so much @bphumphress!

50s Prime Time, Good comfort food most kids like, and great if you like interaction with your server.
Shout out to our last server, her name was ‘Memory’ She played the part of a tired, overworked mom who didn’t take any lip from anyone. Made my adult son stand in the corner, my grandchild wear a hat with “tattletale” written on it, told me I was here favorite… Kept all of us laughing. Try it out. (ps. If you don’t get this kind of service, then just whisper to your server and give him/her permission to discipline your kids. that will start things off)

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Here’s a few of our faves (also we really like a lot of those already on your list).

Sanaa-Skippers-San Angel Inn-Rose&Crown. Some of these may sound adventurous, but they always have kiddo friendly section on the menus.

Coral Reef was cool, tho a once and done, but glad we went. The food was fine, the experience dining there unique.

Cape May breakfast- food there was really great, wish we had been more hungry tho (we’re light breakfast folks). The characters were cute in their beach outfits.

I see great reviews of Wave. We had adr there last trip, but had to cancel due to time restraints (in other words, more rides requested haha).

Thank you so much for the tip!

We had Thanksgiving at The Wave and it was really good. I highly recommend it! I’ve had my eye on Sanaa for a while. May have to try for that one during the lunch hour. THANKS!