ADR questions

We are planning a WDW trip for the last week of October/first week of November. I have several questions concerning ADR’s.

  1. We are thinking about Be Our Guest on Sunday Oct. 29. I believe that is a MNSSHP date. We will not be buying tickets for this event. What time should we try to make reservations? I heard they stop letting non-party ticket holders into the restaurant well before the party start time. 6:00? 6:15?

  2. I have an eight year old with a tree nut allergy. What is the best place to eat at Epcot? We will be there during the Food and Wine Festival. We won’t be drinking any wine, but love to try new foods, as long as the eight year old can get chicken tenders or something kid friendly/allergy friendly.
    We were thinking about La Hacienda or San Angel Inn?

  3. We would like to get into 1900 Park Fare on the day we go to HS. How much time should we give ourselves to leave the park and arrive for our reservation time?

This is our second family WDW trip. But first time making ADR’s. We are not staying on property.
Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

I’m allergic to tree nuts and peanuts; and my husband has a long list of things he can’t eat. Every, and I mean every, table service makes accommodations. They all have allergy menus that clearly delineate what allergies a certain item is okay for. There were no problems at all. When you make your ADRs, there is a place to check off allergies. Make sure you do that with every ADR you make. Alternatively, you can make all your reservations and then call Disney Dining, and they will make sure all of the reservations are flagged for allergies.

When you go to the restaurant, they will ask who has the allergy and what it is, and will send out the chef. You still need to watch things, of course, as mistakes can be made. The chefs always had to make my DH a special meal since there is so little he can eat.

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You can email or call Special Diets: or 407-824-5967.

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It does not look like they have loaded all BOG reservations for party nights yet. Usually on the reservation page it will post the dinner hours and state “reservations after_______need a party ticket”. Right now on October 22nd it says that dinner ends at 6:00. You may not be able to get a reservation ig hit away if they have not been loaded. 5:00 or 5:30 should be safe. If you do not find one, set the reservation finder so you will get alerted when they are added. Most likely they will not add them until after party tickets go on sale.

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Great info! Thank you so much!
I was reading conflicting reviews on the website. Some were saying that many of the Epcot table servers do not speak English as their first language, and that seemed to cause issues for them understanding the food allergy situation. Maybe they did not have ADR? I will make sure our ADR are flagged for allergies.

Even if you forget to flag them in the original ADR, you can mention it when you’re first seated and they will be sure to accommodate you. We have eaten all over Epcot (Biergarten, Le Cellier, both Italian options, Tapan Edo, Akershus, San Angel, Garden Grill, Coral Sea) with no allergy issues whatsoever with my son. Often a chef will come out to discuss and if a buffet will walk you through what the areas to avoid are. And if there is something of concern, they may bring out a special plate that they can ensure is allergen free - one time at Crystal Palace my son got his own plate of pastries delivered just because there was some chance at cross-contamination of the normal donut station.

Just make sure they are aware of the allergy concerns and DIS will take care of you…

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I can attest to the fact that Disney is one of the BEST places on earth for people with food allergies. Doesn’t matter at which place you eat, there will be someone there that can answer your allergy questions. TS restaurants are the best at it, though. Often a chef will come out to talk to you. If there is nothing safe on the menu, they will make something custom for you. It’s so great there, that when you return home you’ll wish all restaurants were so great at it!

Sorry, I can’t speak to your other two issues.

Have a great time! (You will)

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Thanks! I went ahead and set the reservation finder for October 29th at 5:30 for BOG.
We were planning on getting up at 5:00 am on May 2nd to make our ADR. Hopefully everything will be ready to go by then.

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