ADR problems

I have had nothing but problems making my ADRs the last 2 days. Despite 4 different devices, trying both Safari & Chrome, normal and incognito browsing mode, even MDE app I have gotten SO MANY error messages. This morning our day for CRT opened, and I spent 90 minutes (starting at 6am) attempting to book this one reservation. I called immediately at 7am when it was clear that online was not working. I could search my dates, see available times, but when I clicked the time I chose I got “Sorry for the paws” over and over again. I spent 35 minutes on hold waiting for a cast member before I was able to book CRT several hours later than I originally wanted. The CM denied any website problems.

I have to believe it is an issue on their end since I was able to book some things (for example I booked the HEA dessert party with no problems at all).

This really isn’t intended to be a whiny post, but rather to explain what I’ve done and see if y,all have any advice of what I can try if this comes up again. If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

I feel like I have received the “Sorry for the paws” message frequently over the past few months so I agree it has to be an issue on their end. And I’ve tried the same things you did and sometimes it would work but not always.

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I too had this problem last month on ADR day. No matter what device I used, how many times I logged out and back in, or cleared the cookies. Nothing worked except for calling at 7am as you did. I agree, it has to be a problem on their end.