ADR priority

Here are our planned ADRs:

Day 1 - Via Napoli dinner
Day 3 - The Boathouse dinner
Day 4 - Beaches and Cream lunch
SciFi dinner
Day 5 - Teppan Edo (lunch or dinner?)
Day 6 - Ohana breakfast
Day 7 - Ohana dinner

We hit the 180 mark this Friday. I think from my research I need to try and snag Ohana and Beaches and Cream first. Is that the general consensus? Opinions on which should be first? And should I be concerned with the order of any after those two?

You are correct. B&C probably seats a max of 45 people, so it’s a tough one. I’d probably grab that first, now that I’ve seen how tiny it is. Especially since you’re trying for day 4, which will be someone’s day 10 I’m sure. And then the Ohanas next (not sure there’s really a priority of one or the other, unless you are aiming for a particular time within the meal). After that, no worries.


For Ohana, I would do dinner before breakfast, as the dinner timings can be very challenging.


And if for some reason there is nothing for BOATHOUSE, you can book that one on Open Table as well.

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