ADR priority for booking?

We are hoping to get ADRs for the following restaurants. It is free dining time, which I know can make restaurants fill up super fast. Which of these should be my priorities to book first?

pre rope drop Crystal Palace
Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch or dinnera)
Garden Grill dinner
Be Our Guest lunch
Tusker House breakfast Rivers of Light Package
Sci Fi lunch
50’s Primetime dinner
Spirit of Aloha
Chef de France dinner
Coral reef lunch

CP first bc of timing
ROL package second (if available)
BOG lunch
Sci Fi
Everything else.
That’s my recommendation., anyway.

Are those in the order you want to eat at them? It does make a difference to the order you should book.

Pre RD CP is probably the hardest to get though, BOG and Sci Fi can also be tricky. I’m not sure if ROL packages are available at 180.

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It isn’t in priority of which ones we want to each at. I did it in order of which day we are hoping to go, so the first ones are in the beginning of the trip. My kids really want the pre-rope drop CP, my mom wants the BOG lunch, I want TH Rivers of Light Package, DH loves Coral Reef and my sister wants Spirit of Aloha (has this gotten any better? I had heard bad reviews, but she wants to go anyway).

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It matters somewhat on which day of your trip you’re wanting to go, but even considering that I would do it in this order:

CP pre rope drop
Sci Fi

And then the rest in any order

That’s what I thought. I’d do

Sci Fi

Then the rest.

Oh oops - I missed BOG! I do agree with its placement in your list.

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