ADR-prepayment required

Just found out that some restaurants require prepayment to reserve…which ones require this besides CRT and HDDR? I’m in charge of my groups ADR; and I don’t want to charge 12 people’s CRT meal on my Credit card!

Be aware that if you’re on the dining plan you do NOT have to prepay - they assume you’ll use the dining plan credits - but you will need to provide a credit card to guarantee the reservation.

We are not on the dining plan; so my credit card is required to reserve the spot, but won’t actually get charged, correct??

For prepay, yes, it will be charged (ie CRT, HDDR)

For others, it will not be charged just used to hold the reservation. You’ll be charged a fee of $10/pp if you do not show to the reservation.

If you are not on the dining plan, then a reservation at CRT or HDDR or Poly Luau or Mickey’s Backyard BBQ will required payment in full, not just a credit card hold

All other ADR’s only required a CC to hold the reservation. The card will be charged (per person) if at least 1 person doesn’t show up to the restaurant OR if you don’t cancel the day before.