ADR preferences

My ADR date is coming up quick and this is our family’s first trip to Disney World. I was wondering what is the best way to make ADR’s? Do you call Disney directly or use the web site?


I much prefer the website.

The website - they have the same availability when you call as on the site & you can book on the site starting at 6am - but you can’t call until 7am. That hour can make all the differance

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Website has no wait on hold :wink:

Sometimes Stitch is a dang fool and hard to deal with, but I far and away prefer the website.

I do NOT like to use the app for making dining reservations, just to note that option too.

But I DO like the app for changing dining reservations. Very easy.

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Absolutely. But initiating an ADR, or worse, a bunch of them, is horrible via the app.

PS Step away from the modify button.

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Oh come on! You gotta let me. I haven’t changed anything since Thursday. I’m going crazy here. I need to change something. I have to. That modify button looks soooo good right now. I just wanna push it real bad.


I had to use the app for the adrs on my trip as the browsers on both my laptop and mobile were not working. I would not recommend it either! Very stressful half hour

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Thanks for the input. I feel like this is a high stress situation. The stakes are high, I need to get it right.

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I also had a few browser windows open working at once. Not sure it made a ton of difference but I did get almost everything I wanted!

I use the website on a PC. I use only one window, and have never not been able to get what I wanted if I was on the site right at opening time on my 180 day.

I used my PC. I had a tab open to each restaurant that I wanted (with day, time, and party size selected), in the order that I wanted to book them. I did not try to book more than one at once. I was able to knock them out quickly and got almost everything that I wanted (Beaches & Cream was my only real miss).