ADR Planning - what time?

So I thought you could book ADRs online 60 days in advance starting at 6am. My ADR day is early next week so I’ve been hopping on the last few days to see what’s available and help rank order my wish list. But at 6 and even at 6:15 or 6:30 I’m showing no reservations available for most all restaurants (not even looking at specific ones). For example, this morning there were zero restaurants with availability for dinner at MK on May 4th. But, immediately after, I changed the date to May 3rd, and all kinds of availability was there.

Does anyone know if Disney changed the time online reservations open up?

And then, if you want to tell me your thoughts, here’s my current thinking:

Topolino’s Breakfast - 60+6
Beaches & Cream - 60+4
Either BoG or CRT - 60+5
Homecoming - 60+3

At least for me recently, the MDE site has been ridiculously glitchy. I had to pull up specific restaurants and then search date and time from there. If I searched from the list page, it would say nothing available. Sometimes searching 6:30 would give different results than searching 7:00, even if something was available in that window.

My sister and I are wondering if it’s affecting reservation finder success as well…

For your specific choices, I’d go B&C first, then your MK one. The later days should be easier to find. I had plenty of choices for Toppolino’s breakfast on 60+3.


I start with the app but also have my computer up and ready to go. Saves having to do the time-consuming find the restaurant on the app and search it.

I agree with the B&C first. That was by far my most difficult ADR. Had to push it to 60+7 to get a dinner time for us. The space is just so small.

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Is there any way to find out what desserts are avail to get via the BC walk up / to go window? Is that still open?

If you know, specifically, we have our stomach set on the No Way Jose.

The beaches and cream walk up window is closed and has been for some time with no date for reopening. When I was there in Sept it was opened, my guess is they closed it because crowds would build outside and it is not a small area.

Thanks. I looked right after I posted, should’ve looked first, and saw that it was closed. So, I assume getting an ADR is the only way I’ll be eating a No Way Jose.

I agree the site has been doing some weird stuff recently. Like you our dinning will open up in a couple weeks so when I am thinking about it early enough I will hop on to see what reservations are open. I hope it gets better. I am also hopeful that the restaurants that aren’t open I will book something else and keep searching for the ones I still want!