ADR Plan

180 days out will be at the end of this month. We are not on a dining plan, but have some reservations we would like to make.

+1 Oga’s Canteen (anytime, 3 ppl)
+2 Bippidi Boppidi Boutique (~9am, 2 ppl)
+2 Trattoria al Forno - Bon Voyage Breakfast (~11am, 9 ppl)
+2 Date night (TBD outside of parks, 2 ppl)
+3 Be Our Guest (~11am, 9 ppl)
+4 Date night (TBD outside of parks, 2 ppl)


  1. If 2 of the 9 in our party are under 3yo, do they still need to be counted in the reservation, or do I make a reservation for 7?
  2. Order of importance: BBB and BVB on check in +2 are important to us, so I will start with those. Then Oga’s, Be Our Guest, and the date nights. I know Oga’s might be difficult, but it is not imperative to us. Good plan?
  3. Suggestions for restaurants for our date nights (outside of the parks)? The Hangar bar looks cool at DS. Do they take reservations (even though drinks only, no meals)? We are staying at AoA, so easy transport to and from would be nice.


You need to count everyone including under 3 in your reservation.

If you can’t get your desired time for BOG, split up your party and try to get a time that’s close. Since you choose where you sit, you can all sit together.

ETA: For date night, just take an Uber or Lyft. So much easier.

  1. You include the kids under 3 in your reservations.

  2. You are going to have a very difficult time getting Trattoria al Forno IMO. I had a difficult time with my party of 7 for this December, even late into our 9 day trip. Be prepared to be flexible or willing to wait for reservation finder to help you. If you don’t find one for 9, I would split your party and book.

  3. Date night ideas depend on your price range. Jiko is amazing. California Grill is wonderful. A monorail bar crawl would be fun. The Boardwalk area is also great. I would suggest just using Lyft or Uber to get there. It’s cheap & easy when you don’t have to worry about kids or car seats.

Date night - The Edison

Use the reservation finder tools: (more responsive)

I had at various points about 4-5 BoG reservations and 20-odd OCs, plus a couple of LCs, TTAs and an SC, all obtained at less than 40 days. Further out you should have no trouble. Availability is very fluid, you just have to keep an eye out.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!