ADR/Park Planning for October

ADR day is next week and I have some rather specific questions. Our party is 4 adults. Any opinions are appreciated!!

  1. We are going to MK on a party day (not going to MNSSHP) and want to do dinner at ‘Ohana afterwards. What time should we aim to make our ADR for? We’d like to stay at MK as long as possible while also trying to avoid some of the craziness between people coming/going for the party.

  2. Is Epcot with evening EMH typically way more crowded than a day without any EMH? We haven’t stayed onsite since 2014 so no recent experience with EMH.

  3. BOG lunch – worth it if we’ve never been to BOG? The dinner options sound better, but the price tag is too high so we’re thinking of lunch. Can you customize your order when you pre-order (remove sauces, etc.)?

  4. DHS – original plan (pre-SWGE announcement) was our last park day to get the best chances at an SDD FPP (60+6). This day is also the Friday before Columbus Day weekend so I’m thinking high crowds in general for the long weekend and even more for SWGE. Should we go Thursday instead? 60+5 is still good chances to get FPPs, right? I don’t know if we’ll be trying for SDD or MMRR now either.

  5. We’re staying at CSR and want to eat at Toledo which says it’s supposed to have fireworks views from DHS/Epcot. Not much other info on it yet, but TP has Star Wars fireworks at 8:30pm and Epcot Forever at 10pm that night. What time would you make an ADR?

  6. One member of my party has non-anaphylactic nut and shellfish allergies. Are they ever restrictive on what you can order if you indicate you have allergies or do they just guide you as to what is safe? Trying to decide if we include her allergies on all ADRs or just ones where we know there could be a problem (like ‘Ohana).

The ones I can help with…

  1. I like BOG. I think you can do some customization with pre-ordering if the customization is possible - some dishes are cooked with the sauce.

  2. When you make your ADRs, you’ll need to click on something like “Special Needs” and indicate what the allergy is. The ticket when you check in should be marked Allergy, the allergic person should get an allergy menu, and your server should ask - and offer to let you speak to a chef. Generally with allergies you order off the allergy menu. I would include it on all because of hidden ingredients.

Just as a note… Peanuts are all over 'Ohana at night. In the sauce of one of the dishes, etc. I was fine there with them giving me something else for that. BUT you cannot eat the dessert if you’re allergic to peanuts, and I had to fight for any sub other than ice cream. Overall dinner left me underwhelmed and with no desire to go back, even if I suddenly was not allergic.

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I can help with some.
1–You can stay in the park until 6 pm if you aren’t attending the party. So maybe aim for 6:30 or 7 for the ADR.
2–I love evening EMHs more than morning and feel they are less crowded than days with morning ones. In general though the parks tend to be busier on a day with EMH than without it.
3–I think if you have never been to BOG then lunch is good option. Breakfast is a set price and is expensive for breakfast IMO. Yes, you can customize when you pre-order (we always have to for the picky eaters in our group).

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Oh I did not know that bread pudding isn’t peanut allergy friendly, thanks! I knew about the peanut sauce but that may be a deal breaker. She doesn’t usually inform restaurants of her allergies when eating out unless she needs to or they ask, so I’m just concerned if I put them on every ADR they could prevent her from ordering something she knows she can eat. But better to be safe than sorry!

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It’s prepared in an area with, so they don’t serve it to someone if they know there is a peanut allergy.

I get it - I am ingestion only myself, and especially on cruises I will just ask if something contains peanuts. BUT for someplace like 'Ohana, I would never NOT mention it unless she is prepared to lie about why she needs something other than the noodles (gluten-free is a no-go because that would eliminate the dessert as well).

Of course they are going to be overly cautious. But the alternative is really to risk her reacting to something that is a hidden ingredient that her mentioning the allergy would have prevented.

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Thanks! We went to MK on a MNSSHP day in 2017, but had a late ADR for LTT (when you could stay in the park until 7) so by the time we left it was after 8 and there were no crowds coming/going. Not sure how awful the crowds are if we tried to leave right around 6pm this year. Though maybe now we’ll ditch 'Ohana and do LTT again.

Good to know on BOG! My dad would claim he isn’t picky but doesn’t eat eggs (so most of the breakfast options are out), fish, hates when things are too dry, hates when meat is too fatty… so the customizing would be for him :grin:

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Definitely not worth it to risk being sick on vacation if it could’ve been avoided!

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