ADR order

It has been 4 years since we last went to Disney and I am nervous because SO many things have changed. I had two questions:

I get to book my dining ADR’s next week and am wondering if I can book the Tusker House (River of Lights package) then or if I have to wait until closer to the date? Is it separate from just booking Tusker House as my ADR?

Second, what order should I book these
Crystal Palace (pre-park opening breakfast)
Storybook dinner
Garden Grill (pre-park opening breakfast)
Tusker House dinner (ROL package)

THank you!

I booked the Tusker ROL package when I made all my other ADRs. I booked it from this page


Agree with @MrsWeb you can do ROL package and any dining packages at time of ADRs.

The order you have looks right to me - I don’t have experience with the Storybook Dinner - but I don’t think any of those choices are particularly hard ones to get - good luck!! I know it is nerve wracking!

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Storybook Dining first, it is the hot ticket of the year. It´s the only one I have had problems getting the time I want. Have ended up with an 8.15pm as nothing available between 4.40 or 8.15 for the whole 3 week period of my vacation.

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I too would say Sotorybook first and as late as possible in your trip. If you do not get it set up the reservation finder.

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