ADR - Order of difficulty

I need some advice on the order of difficulty of my ADRs (party of 4)…my 180 day mark is coming soon. I’ve listed them here in order of what I think is the most difficult. Thoughts?

Storybook Dining Dinner
Be Our Guest (PPO Breakfast)
Disney Jr. Play 'n Dine (PPO Breakfast)
Biergarten Dinner
Cape May Dinner
1900 Park Fare Dinner
Chef Mickey’s Dinner
Garden Grill Lunch

I agree with Storybook first. I couldn’t get a reservation until the 4th day of my trip. (Party of 8).

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If you’re open to doing Storybook on multiple days, but want BOG on a specific day for PPO I would do BOG first. I couldn’t get a PPO spot for it at all—even with reservation finders, even trying different days. I’ve booked and dropped like 3 different storybook nights for my May trip in the past month. I’d hate to mislead you, but that BOG PPO is a hot ticket.

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I don’t think Biergarten or Cape May are difficult to get. I’d drop them down the list personally.


Agreed. You can usually walk up to Biergarten, though I don’t recommend risking it.

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I had a bit of difficulty getting 1900 Park Fare at day 3 of our stay in June, had to choose whatever time came up, and have modified it 3 times since initial res to get a time closer to 6pm.

It really depends upon what the 180 plus days are for each ADR.