ADR- Olga’s Cantina logistics issue…

I really want to cancel this ADR- but my son is adamant about trying it out…

  • Little background- this trip was not planned out in our usual 11 months out, more like 11 weeks! Last minute I know but RCI I had a last minute 1 bedroom available @ SSR ( total cost for the exchange <$500 for the week ) because it was so close to upcoming Moonlight Magic I added a few days at All Stars. So here is the problem- DS received email on Monday he needs to be in Tampa for training SAME WEEK now my unplanned but inexpensive trip has now DOUBLED in cost. 2x hotel cost ect…

We are driving from Nashville as he needs a vehicle for Tampa. Normally we leave mid morning drive half way and stay over past Atlanta and continue on after a good nights rest.
Normally I schedule nothing on arrival day but Olga’s ADR popped up unfortunately it’s at 10:20 AM on arrival day…we have been trying since it opened!

1- cancel ADR, been stalking but can’t get another replacement ADR
2- leave mid evening drive through the night, arrive by ADR and hope room is ready early so he can get some rest before heading onto Tampa
3- leave a day early and add night at the B or some other off site hotel…

What would you do?

Option 3 with an option to cancel.

In the meantime, I would set alerts at something like Mousedining if you haven’t already–how soon before you leave? I see things popping up all the time when people cancel.


Have alerts set with mouse Dinning and reservations finder

If we use option 3 we get on the road TODAY-

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I am all for getting on the road TODAY :rofl:


Psst. As it’s a total pet peeve of mine, just wanted to share that there’s not “L” in Oga’s :wink:


Next thing you’ll tell me there’s no Rebel Hanger, either.


You are not the only person I will annoy today lol

Started with DS ( birthday boy ) who wants to leave now!

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I vote 3 - but what did you do?!

Also, I’ve found a lot of Oga’s reservations the night before as people cancel before they incur a penalty.


That’s a great thing to remember!

I was just able to grab a 9:30 pm reservation thanks to mouse dining -

Much to the birthday boys dismay we are leaving as planned tomorrow! Lol he hates it when I call him that - :slight_smile: